The Chairman

His Highness Sheikh Juma bin Maktoum Al Maktoum is an accomplished businessman from the United Arab Emirates with extensive interests in the Real Estate, Construction, Pharmaceutical, Natural Resources, Maritime and other related sectors to name a few. He actively pursues commercial and philanthropic initiatives that can benefit Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, putting them on the Global Map. He is also passionate about healthcare, education and sustainable development projects to help the UAE achieve its environment goals.

His Highness is an active board member of various philanthropic institutions and business groups where he believes in achieving a common goal of bringing development and contributing to the society in the UAE.

Chairman's Message

Respecting traditions and upholding honesty in all partnerships is a core value we embrace. We belong to a land that was covered in sand till just about 40 years ago, and today boasts to be one of the major trading and business hubs recognized globally. The land has welcomed over 200 nationalities who dream with us to build a city which is second to none and with our partners at SJM Group, we wish to continue fulfilling the dream and vision of the leaders of the United Arab Emirates.

We pride ourselves in the extensive know-how of the region and our ability to adapt and progress through an ever changing market.

Welcome to the SJM Group; your world partner.”